Ginger Apple Whiskey Sour

Cheers to a cocktail that is sweet (but dry), savory (yet smooth), festive and oh-so-delicious. Using egg white in a drink often raises eyebrows. TRY IT. Even without the egg white, this drink is worth a taste!

Ginger Apple Whiskey Sour:

[makes 1]

  • Juice of 1/2 a lemon

  • 2 Parts Whiskey

  • 2 Parts Apple Cider

  • Splash of ginger juice

  • 1 oz egg white

  • Cinnamon (ground and/or stick)

  1. Combine the above and shake/blend “dry” (no ice). Then shake with ice to chill it.

  2. Pour and set the foam with splash of ginger beer and top with Bloom Organics Ground Cinnamon/Cinnamon slice optional, too!


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